Tagz Open Graph & Twitter Card 4.0.3

2 years 10 months ago #105 by rbalfour
Have you ever shared a webpage on e.g. Facebook, WhatsApp or LinkedIn? Did you notice that a preview thumbnail was missing, an unrelated image was appearing, or an incorrect description was being displayed?

If the answer to one or more of the above questions is yes that website is not using Open Graph tags. Check the example on the left in which Facebook chooses what kind of content appears on their news feed when your website visitor shares one of your webpages without using OG tags (top) versus using OG tags to define what YOU want your website visitors to share (bottom).

Open Graph (OG) tags have been introduced by Facebook in 2010 for better interpretation of third party websites. The big advantage is that YOU CONTROL how your website content is shared on social networks. Not only Facebook, but also many other social media platforms, such as LinkedIn and WhatsApp recognize these same OG tags. Twitter has their own specific meta tags for sharing.

As you can imagine sharing the right content can have a huge effect on conversions and click-through rates. TAGZ helps you do this in a very simple way!


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